Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stopping Hair Loss With Simple Ingredients

If you haven't discovered how easy it can be to stop your hair loss problem naturally, then you're missing out on a lot of good things for your hair. While everyone else is looking for that inevitable cure that never seems to come around, you'll be making great progress by increasing hair count fast.

All you have to do is change the way you go about treating your thinning hair condition. It's actually quite easy to do. One great way to ensure that you give your hair a good advantage is to make sure you have ample blood circulation within your scalp. This is critical to stopping any hair loss problem.

The reason is quite simple. Your hair follicles will use any blood flowing through the scalp as a way to pull nutrients and grow. Essential oils like lavender, jojoba, and henna when massaged in can produce amazing results that are out of this world.

Some people don't like to use these types of oils or any of them on their hair for various reasons. These are safe to use, but if you don't want to use them but still want those effects, try taking ginkgo biloba extract as part of your supplement routine.

You can find this herb in almost any pharmacy throughout the country. Even olive oil when massaged into the scalp can lift years of trapped dirt that can clog your follicles and lead to severe hair loss. Yes clogged follicles are a problem and you should do your part to prevent this from taking your hair out.

By Christopher Litmon

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

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Monday, December 31, 2007

Good Grooming and Care

Good Grooming and Care

Hair is fairly strong and can generally withstand normal
grooming techniques. However, there can be thinning or
breakage of hair due to poor grooming habits, and
following several tips can prevent these bouts of thinning
and breakage. Avoid combing hair with fine-toothed combs
when wet, as this is a common cause of breakage. Although
this is a tempting practice because hair straightens and
detangles much better if combed when wet, the stress on
the hair shaft is immense when the hair is wet because it is

This goes for brushing the hair when wet also. Brushing the
hair in general can be stimulating to the scalp, encouraging
blood flow to the hair follicles and maintaining their health.
Brushing the hair before washing it can loosen up flakes of
sebum and dead skin buildup and make it easier to
thoroughly clean the scalp during shampooing. Remember,
over combing or over brushing generally will cause damage
to the hair, which is quite contrary to the old 100-stroke
brushing rule.

Altho ugh clean hair is desirable and even necessary for the
maintenance of healthy hair, excessive shampooing can
strip vital minerals like calcium, phosphorus, nitrogen and
iron from the hair. This is particularly true when using
commercial shampoos. Most commercial shampoos contain

formaldehyde as a preservative. To disguise the presence
of formaldehyde it is listed in the ingredients as
Quanternium-15. This substance can be carcinogenic
(cancer-causing) and poisonous to the entire system.
Unfortunately for those who suffer with dandruff, anti-
dandruff shampoos are some of the most dangerous
shampoos on the market. Selenium sulfide is the main
ingredient in most dandruff shampoos, a substance that has
shown to cause degeneration of the liver. Other toxic
chemicals such as polyvinyl pyrrlido ne plastic (PVP), which
is a proven carcinogenic, and creosol which has been
proven to be highly toxic are commonly found in dandruff
shampoos. This is why it is very important to correct this
condit ion as quickly as possible through natural means.
Natural shampoos normally found in health food stores are
a much better choice. Even with natural shampoos, be
careful of the ingredient Sodium Lauryl Sulfate can strip
away too much oil from the hair, causing shampoo residue
to be left behind. Ingredients that have proven useful in
shampoos are cocamides, Panthenol Pro-B, of course the
previously discussed vitamins, aloe vera, sage, nettle,
burdock, chamomile, chaparral, horsetail and rosemary.
Also look for shampoos that contain keratin, the protein
substance that hair is made of, or amino acids. This will
help seal breakages in the cuticle.

Choose a shampoo with a proper pH balance; a level of 5.5
is ideal. The pH scale runs from 0 to 6.9 for acids and 7.1
to 14 for alkaline, with 7 being neutral. Although generally
condit ioners are good for hair provided that they do not

Contain the previously mentioned harmful chemicals,
shampoos with conditio ners included should be avoided.
Shampooing and condit ioning serve two different functions
and the effectiveness of both are diminished by combining
the process.

When shampooing, pour the shampoo into the hands and
rub the shampoo in with your hands rather than pouring it
on your head. By pouring shampoo directly into the hair
you may promote buildup in one particular spot. Massage
gently with your fingertips to loosen flakes and buildup and
to stimulate circulation, but avoid using the fingernails as
this may scratch the scalp and cause scarring over time.
Shampoo with warm water to open the pores and rinse with
cool water to promote shrinking the pores back to their
normal size. After washing hair, dry it by blotting the hair
with a towel. Avoid rubbing, especially with terrycloth
towels, as this will pull hair when it is in a weakened state
due to the wetness.

Be sure to follow directions on all perms and relaxers, as
misuse can cause serious damage to the hair shaft.
Excessive coloring, styling or heat treatments, and chemical
treatments can damage hair and cause breakage even when
directions are followed. Always keep in mind that these
perms and relaxers have harsh chemicals in them that
chemically alter hair, and long-term use of these chemicals
can cause harm to hair shafts and follicles causing some
hair loss. If you can avoid the use of these chemicals, by
all means do. The result could be the increased life of your

If you decide to use perms or relaxers to process hair, be
sure to use semi-permanent hair color or henna. This will
avoid harsh reactions between the relaxer or perm and the
ammonia and peroxide amounts in permanent dyes. It is
always best to allow the hair to rest untreated as much as
possible, and avoid mixing chemical processes.

Another styling cautio n is against the overuse of hairstyles
that pull the hair too tight, such as ponytails and braids,
which will cause hair loss especially along the sides of the
scalp. This syndrome is called traction alopecia. Keep in
mind when styling hair that hair is living and growing, and
is susceptible to the stress of constant pulling continuous
abuse causes scarring, which will lead to permanent hair
loss in the areas affected. Along with leaving the hair
chemically untreated for a time, leaving it in a loose style
without over-manipulation for as long as possible will
ensure optimum results.

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The Hair Facts

Hair is the fastest growing tissue of the body, made up of
proteins called keratins. Every strand of hair is made up of
three layers: the inner layer or medulla (only present in
thick hairs); the middle layer or cortex, which determines
the strength, texture, and color of hair; and the cuticle,
which protects the cortex. Hair grows from roots, which are
enclosed in follic les. Below this is a layer of skin called the
dermal papilla, which is fed by the bloodstream carrying
nourishments vital to the growth of hair. Only the roots of
hair are actually alive, while the visible part of hair is dead
tissue, and therefore unable to heal itself. It is vital then to
take care of the scalp and body in order to perpetuate hair
growth and maintenance. Expensive treatments that claim
to treat the visible hair and nourish it therefore are usually
no more than bogus claims made to sell products.

Hormones called androgens, usually testosterone, can
cause hair follicles to shrink, causing thinning of hair or
eventual hair loss. Reportedly only bone marrow grows
faster in our body than hair does. The average scalp
contains 100,000-150,0 00 hair follicles and hairs, with 90%
growing and 10% resting at any given time. Hair actually
grows in three stages: anagen, catagen, and telogen. The
anagen phase is the phase where hair is actively growing,
and of course this phase is longer for follicles in the scalp
than anywhere else on your body, and lasts longer for

women than men. It is natural for follicles to atrophy and
hair to fall out, and this is called the catagen phase. This
phase is only temporary, and eventually the follicle enters
the telogen phase where it is resting. These are the 10% at
rest mentioned above. Normal anagen phases last
approximately five years, with catagen phases lasting about
three weeks, and telogen phases lasting approximately 12
weeks. As you see it is natural to lose some hair. Natural
hair loss is considered to be in the range of 100 hairs per
day. It is not apparent to most people that hair is actually
being lost unt il more than 50% of a person‘s hair is actually

More Hair Facts and Hair Loss Basics

the more recessive the hair gene, the more propensity
toward baldness one has. Blond-haired persons have a
greater propensity toward hair loss than darker-haired
people, and therefore Caucasian persons have a greater
propensity toward hair loss than non-Caucasian people.
Beyond the genetic propensity of certain people toward hair
loss, there seems to be various dietary triggers that
activate the process, a notion that is promising since this
can be controlled.

What exactly are androgens? Androgens are sex hormones
mainly produced by males, the main one of which is
testosterone. Androgens are produced by the adrenal
glands, whic h protect the body in stressful situations by
also producing adrenaline so that the body may respond to
situations it deems to be threatening. The stress of daily
life in Western civilization has caused a state of alarm in
people that has made the body unable to distinguish
between everyday stressors and threatening situations.
Therefore the adrenal glands in most people in Western
civilizations are overactive, constantly producing adrenaline
and naturally producing testosterone along with it.
Addit ionally, the over-consumption of red meat and high fat
foods in Western society cause an overactive adrenal gland,
perpetuating this situation.

There is a definite connection between the syndrome of
Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) and the prostate gland. The
prostate gland is actually a cluster of small glands in males
surrounding the urethra, located just below the bladder.

There is not a lot known about all the functions of the
prostate, except that it serves to squeeze seminal fluid into
and through the urethra during ejaculation. Prostate
problems can cause serious problems with urination it
becomes enlarged, and sometimes the prostate becomes
cancerous. The syndrome of non-cancerous enlargement of
the prostate is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia
(BPH). DHT is responsible for the division of cells in the
prostate, and is normally expelled by the prostate.
However, when the prostate fails to expel the DHT, it builds
up and causes enlargement. It has been confirmed that
typical North American and northern European diets lend to
the perpetuation of BPH and prostate cancer, whereas
these are uncommon phenomena in other lands and was
even uncommon here in the past. This is significant
because the overproduction of DHT is responsible for BPH
and prostate cancer, and is also responsible for MPB or
androgenetic alopecia. The findings in research for BPH
cures have usually simultaneously produced benefits in hair
growth. We shall cover some of these discoveries in various
sections of this book. Additionally, changes in diet are
necessary to avoid all of these conditio ns and improve
overall health.

Some common myths have arisen concerning hair loss.
Because of medical advancements many of these myths are
being addressed and corrected. For starters, although
androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness is genetic and
therefore can be hereditary, it is not passed down through
only your mother‘s side of the family. Either side of the

Family can pass down the genetic disposition toward
baldness. Also, contrary to old family tales, wearing hats
does not cause baldness either.

Most common hair loss comes under what has been
commonly known as Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). Although
referred to as MPB, females suffer a similar syndrome, so it
is more properly called androgenetic alopecia. Although hair
loss is not life or health threatening, it can cause serious
problems with a person‘s psyche and self-confidence. There
has been no absolute cure found for hair loss, and many
factors of hair loss are hereditary, however there are
several preventative measures one can take to maintain
healthy hair and scalp.

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Hair loss No More

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A word from Jonathon E. Phillips
Dear Reader
The study of hair loss has been my life's work spanning 25 years. The walls of my library are lined with so many research and hair health manuals that I had to put all but the best of them in storage. I have studied just about everything related to hair health and hair loss that I can get my hands on. During this time I have seen more so called breakthroughs and medical procedures (costing people thousands of dollars for worthless ongoing treatments) than I could care to count.
What most people don't realise is that the pathology of hair loss is related to numerous conditions that often have little or nothing to do with hair growth or hair loss. In short almost every system in the body can affect the health of your hair. Unfortunately many people today are lead to believe that drugs are the only available solution. Thats good for the Phamaceutical companies. Yet most of the hair loss products marketed today do not address the fundamental and physiological factors of the hair loss problem.
During all this time of exhaustive research I knew that the real answer to hair loss concerning the physiological chemistry of cause was being missed. Then almost by accident I came across unrelated but vital information, which when combined with my own years of research contained specific instruction necessary to balance the Internal/External and Cosmetic factors which cause hair loss and how to naturally regenerate hair growth and prevent further hair thinning and loss, while increasing overall health and well being.
Why diminish the quality of your health using hair loss drugs, when there is a safer, more effective alternative which requires no financial outlay, drugs, products or treatments.
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